The Other Side of Sorry: A Children’s Book About Empathy


“So many toys, but what caught his eye,
Was a black-and-white police car two shelves too high.”

The Other Side of Sorry is your new favorite rhyming picture book.
It’s filled with bright and colorful illustrations that guide you through a touching true story.

This children’s book about empathy answers the question, “do children feel empathy”?
A simple Sunday church outing takes a turn for the worse when little AJ does the unthinkable.

Join AJ on his journey as he realizes the consequences of his actions.

Like adults, children are a bag of emotions and feelings and actions and reactions. But, as with every other experience in life, the emotional intelligence of children is highly debated. Scientists and psychologists around the world attempt to answer the question,
Do children really mean it when they say ‘sorry’?

The Other Side of Sorry is a great children’s book on values.
This touching story will teach your children about empathy and compassion and help them grow into good humans.



Signed by the Author.


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