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Children learn in many ways but reading or hearing stories is a particular good way for children to learn. When the characters in the story are other children that helps them to relate. The Other Side of Sorry is a story about empathy and the story helps children understand this complex emotion. This is a touching story that is beautifully illustrated. This book makes a great gift, so consider buying a copy for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, and family members. The accompanying coloring book provides an activity for children and helps them get involved with the characters.

The Other Side of Sorry Children Book

Meet Constance Jones, author of The Other Side of Sorry, A Children’s Book about Empathy

Author Constance Jones

Constance Jones is a mother and a wife. She's also a dreamer, an optimist, and a writer. With a deep-rooted passion for children and their development, Constance took to writing with ease.

An author with a purpose

Constance has written one children’s books focused on empathy – The Other Side of Sorry and A Children’s Book about Empathy. In this story, she uses her personal life experiences to create teachable moments for the reader and foster self-awareness in our youngest generation.

Nurture your little one's heart

Constance believes in cultivating strong values in our youngest generation by teaching empathy at an early age. Her book is aimed at helping kids understand how their actions affect others and how we can all do better for ourselves and others around us.

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