Constance Jones

The other side of sorry

A Children's Book About Empathy

The Other Side of Sorry is a captivating rhyming picture book that encourages children to be empathetic and stay truthful in those uncertain times.

On a Sunday morning, AJ visited a church with his mom.  On the way home, mom stopped at the store to buy milk, and she clearly instructed AJ not to pick anything as she didn’t have extra money, but AJ liked a black and white car and did something that he wasn’t supposed to do.  His Mama teaches AJ the consequences of his wrongdoing and how it affected the lives of many.

Illustrations are colorful so that children can understand the story by themselves.  Children will enjoy this heartwarming story that teaches the importance of saying sorry and choosing the right path.

Perfect for ages 3+

The Other Side of Sorry Children Book

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"This children’s book is simply adorable. The author did an amazing job conveying a child’s impulsive nature to want but also, how we should ALL consider the impact our actions have on others. The poetic writing flows from the lips and makes your heart swoon at the end. In addition, the illustrations are rich in color, pure fun and equally impressive. This is a “must have” in any child’s library."
Leslie Potts
"My copy of your book finally came in! I read it right away. It's wonderful and the last page brought tears to my eyes! I can't wait to give a copy to my grandson and a friend who Foster's children. Thank you for sharing your talent and that story!!"
Tracey Schulz Brannon
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Meet Constance Jones, author of The Other Side of Sorry, A Children’s Book about Empathy

Author Constance Jones

An author with a purpose

Constance has focused on teaching children empathy in her first book,  The Other Side of Sorry.  In this story, she uses a personal life experience to create a teachable moment for the reader and foster self-awareness in our youngest generation.

Nurture your little one's heart

Constance believes in cultivating strong values in our youngest generation by teaching empathy at an early age. Her book is aimed at helping kids understand how their actions affect others and how we can all do better for ourselves and others around us.